The magical touch of cut greens

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About us

‘Look dad, there is the magic castle!’, said the six year old child Peter to his father. ‘And there is Mickey Mouse!’. He is fascinated by the magical effects and the magical feeling that Disney gives him. He wants to take his father everywhere.

That magical feeling that Peter feels at Disney is the same feeling our customers get from our cut greens. Magical, decorative greens that makes each bouquet magical and which everyone wants to talk about. Each bouquet consists of beautiful flowers, while our greens create a magical finishing touch and we take care of that magical, finishing touch.


Since 2009 we handle the import and export of magic, decorative greens from around the world. We do this from the FloraHolland flower warehouse in Aalsmeer. Since October 2015 we joined forces with Green Connect BV and will become a subsidiary of the Dutch Flower Group. Every day we receive fresh delivered decorative greens that we closely control and eventually carefully distribute to our customers. Service and quality are our top priorities. By partnering with Green Connect BV we have managed to reach a broader segment of the market and can therefore spread the magic over a larger area. Magical Greens, the magical touch of cut greens!

The magical touch of cut greens

Meet our team
  • Magical Forest, de king of decorative greens. The products in the assortment of Magical Forest are originated from a magical forest, far far away. The products are of high quality and are a beautiful addition to every bouquet.


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